- The Ohio State University

  Design & Implementation of Parking Facilities Signage

- Northern Kentucky University

  Campus-wide Wayfinding Signage

- The City of Mandan, North Dakota

  CIty-wide Wayfinding Signage - Phase I Complete

- The City of Deadwood, South Dakota

​  CIty-wide Wayfinding Signage -  In Progress

- The City of Lead, South Dakota
  CIty-wide Wayfinding Signage - In Progress

- The City of Rapid City

  City Core Pedestrian and Parking Signage

- Great American Ball Park

  Facility-wide Wayfinding Signage*

- Churchill Downs

  Facility-wide Wayfinding Signage

- Keeneland Racecourse

  Campus-Wide Wayfinding Signage

- Chicagoland Speedway

  Comprehensive Wayfinding Signage**

- Dakota Fields

​  Wayfinding and Sponsorship Signage

*GABP Signage - design services and project management for wayfinding signage provided with FRCH Design

**Chicagoland - design services for wayfinding signage provided with Infinite Scale Design

- Great American Ball Park

  "Spirit of Baseball" Bas Relief

- Great American Ball Park

  "First Nine" & "The Great Eight" Mosaics

- Great American Ball Park

  Scout Alley - Premium Seating Corridor and Concessions

Seattle's Best Coffee - Best Western Golden Spike

  Interior Design and Implementation

- Desperados Restaurant

  Architectural Upgrades and Logo Development 

- Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary