BERBERICH DESIGN creates visual communications that connect people to place 

Established in 2001, BERBERICH DESIGN specializes in providing creative services for the design, development and implementation of architectural graphics, wayfinding signage, and brand communications for the built environment. 

BERBERICH DESIGN has created unique, award-winning designs—designs that are consistently grounded in practicality and strengthened by the knowledge of related industries. Because each client and each environment requires a distinctive approach, we strive to develop successful design solutions that complement the client’s architecture and address the client’s budget, all in an environment that focuses on the end user.

Our work is often found in cities, campuses, and large facilities—such as hospitals and sports facilities—but also it can include linked branding efforts that tie together everything from logos and interior design to billboards and architectural elements. This kind of work requires close interface with governmental agencies, business owners, architects, engineers, and the public.

What makes BERBERICH DESIGN different is expertise. Wayfinding and brand communications is a targeted specialty in the worlds of architecture and design—and good design requires a solid background in construction methods and management, community development, transportation, branding, marketing, and especially an understanding of how people move through spaces and their environment.